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Elegant Embossed tin box containing 250gr of pure sweet cocoa powder.  This gourmet cocoa powder should be mixed with milk. It can be consumed either  cold as a milkshake or hot.

Advice for use: 20gr of cocoa powder for 250ml of milk

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Beautiful tin containing 250 grams of cocoa powder ready to be mixed in hot milk.

You need 20 grams of cocoa powder for 200ml of hot milk. Start with the cocoa powder and add a little bit of milk. Mix well until the chocolate is smooth and then pour in the remaining hot milk. Lovers of gourmet snacks and real chocolate will be delighted with this comforting drink.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa powder. May contain: milk, soya.

Recycling Information:

Recyclable (in the appropriate bin, according to your local rules):
117.25 g Tin [FE 40]

Recyclable (in the container park, according to your local rules):

Not recyclable:
7 g Composite [C/LDPE 90]


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