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  1. Data collector:

Choc and Co, a Société Anonyme (public limited company), 122 Avenue Robert Shuman, B - 1401 Baulers, Belgium - BCE: 0440.001.995 (‘Choc and Co’).

Correspondence address:

  1. Introduction

Choc and Co respects the privacy of its current and potential clients and any person with which it works or may be required to work, whether as part of any one of its numerous projects or of existing or future contracts, and of any persons required to provide it with their personal data. Choc and Co makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of the personal data it collects (‘Data’) and to comply with national data collection and processing laws and with European Regulation no. 2016/679 known as the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

This policy (‘Privacy Policy’) describes how Choc and Co collects and processes the personal data of people who use the website (‘Website’) and as part of its relationship with its distributors, suppliers, partners, existing and future employees and clients.

This policy applies to the collection and processing of personal data following a purchase, registration, order, information request or service request made through the Website or in any other form of communication, whether in relation to the performance of a contract with Choc and Co (in which case the person whose data are collected is the ‘Client’) or upon access to and/or registration with the Website (in which case the person is the ‘User’).

When accessing and/or registering and/or purchasing products and/or using services, you authorise Choc and Co to process your personal data in accordance with Belgian and European privacy laws and the GDPR.

This data collection policy only applies to data collected via the Website or by Choc and Co. The Website contains links to other websites. Please read the data collection policies of those websites; Choc and Co will not under any circumstances accept responsibility for the consequences of your internet use.


  1. Data collected

The Data collected by Choc and Co vary depending on the type of data subject:

  • Users who browse the Website but do not manually supply their Data (‘Users’);

  • People who make a purchase, registration, order, information request or service request via the Website or otherwise (‘Clients’);

  • Contact persons working for the current or potential distributors or suppliers of Choc and Co (‘Suppliers’);

  • Job applicants (‘Applicants’).


Choc and Co processes the following categories of data:

  • For Users: Information collected automatically each time a User accesses the Website, as well as the User’s date of birth and age;

  • For Clients: Full name, date of birth, email address, postal address and telephone number, which are collected when a Client accesses and/or uses and/or subscribes to web services; information relating to the purchase, including payment information; any information exchanged between Choc and Co and its Clients, in particular via emails in relation to the supply of products or services or requests for information;

  • For suppliers: Full name, postal address, email address and telephone number;

  • For applicants: Full name, telephone number, date and place of birth, marital status, email address, CV, cover letter, education, experience, interests;


  1. Legal grounds of the processing

Choc and Co processes Users’ Data based on its legitimate interest to ensure the smooth operation of its business and Website. We only process Data that are needed for the given purpose.

We only use Data when necessary:

  • to prepare, perform or terminate a contract with a Client or Supplier.

  • Based on the legitimate interest of Choc and Co to keep Clients and Suppliers informed of its services (newsletters, marketing campaigns).

  • Based on the legitimate interest of Choc and Co to perform its business.

  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to Choc and Co.


  1. Purposes of data collection

Client and Supplier Data are collected and processed by Choc and Co for the following purposes:

  • to supply the services offered by Choc and Co; for example, to make a delivery we need the delivery address.

  • to execute contracts;

  • to manage Clients and Suppliers;

  • to advertise and develop Choc and Co products and services.


  1. Data security

Choc and Co makes every effort to protect its network as best possible from unauthorised access and to guarantee the confidentiality of your Data.

Electronic payments are made exclusively via Worldline SIPS. Payment information are not stored on our servers under any circumstances.

Other Data are transferred to the Choc and Co database using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology supplied by Worldline. Our database is stored on servers hosted in Belgium by the hosting provider OVH.

The servers are protected with multi-level firewalls and a standard security protocol.

Third parties may be required to handle certain Data when providing technical assistance in relation to the services offered by Choc and Co. They will always work on the name and behalf of Choc and Co, which accepts full responsibility, on the basis of contracts that guarantee data security.

If necessary, Choc and Co may therefore transfer your Data to:

  • an external IT company instructed to manage and update the Website or services;

  • employees not bound by an employment contract but by a service provider contract that includes a duty of confidentiality;

  • external consultants or accountants;

  • marketing companies.


Otherwise, Choc and Co shall not disclose or transfer your Data to third parties unless requested by a competent judicial or administrative authority or if you give consent to the transfer or if necessary to supply services including perform a contract. 


  1. Data storage period

Choc and Co will store Client and Supplier Data for the term of the contract plus five years after it expires, unless our accounting obligations require us to store your Data for a longer period. In this case, we will delete your Data once we have fulfilled our accounting obligations.

The Data of Applicants who are not recruited will be deleted within one year from the date of their application.


  1. External links

References on the Website to other websites or to third party products and services do not constitute a recommendation for these products, services or third parties. Choc and Co does not accept liability for the content of any websites or links mentioned on these websites.  Visitors use these links at their own liability and must read the privacy policy applicable to the website in question.


  1. Your rights: Access, correction and deletion

You may at any time and at no expense request a copy of your personal data stored in our database. We may ask for proof of identity before granting your request. You also have the right to ask for your data to be corrected or deleted, provided this does not prevent Choc and Co from performing the necessary services.

You may at any time object to the processing of your personal data by Choc and Co and ask for the restriction of the processing. If your data are processed for the purposes of a contract, you may also ask for your data to be supplied in a readable format or transferred to another controller.

  1. Responsibility of data subjects

You are solely responsible for any information whatsoever that you supply to Choc and Co. Choc and Co will not accept responsibility for any damage caused by the provision of incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information by a data subject.


  1. Amendments

Choc and Co may amend this privacy policy in particular following changes to the law. Please make sure you read the latest version of the data collection policy available at We will announce any changes to the policy via our Website and other usual communication channels. 


  1. Contact us

If you wish to exercise one of your rights, report a problem, request special assistance or send a comment, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • By email:

  • By post: Avenue Robert Schuman 122, B - 1401 Baulers, Belgium

  • By telephone: + 32 (0)2 367 2021


Do not hesitate to contact us if you think we are not processing your Data with due care. You can also contact or submit a complaint to the national Data Protection Authority:

  • Rue de la Presse, 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

  • +32 (0)2 274 4800

  • +32(0) 2 274 4835







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